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Put Makarske 29
21320 Promajna
Contact mobile phones:
+385 - (0)98 - 869 - 389
+387 - (0)34 - 204 - 254
E-mail adress:
All apartments have
   Air Conditioner
   Color TV
   Satellite TV
   WC + Shower cabin
   Parking space
Road to us
Gdje smo apartmani pavić promajna

You can come to Promajna from two directions. Because most of people come to Promajna by car, we'll describe the way how to find us. If you are coming from continental part of Croatia the fastest and the easiest way to us is by highway "Dalmatina" and than take exit in Šestanovac. From Šestanovac go toward Makarska and one kilometer after you pass a little town called Baška Voda on your right side will be road cross and on that cross turn right to Promajna. Just follow the singes. For everyone that comes from Split way is the same, just drive from Split toward Makarska, and after you pass Baška Voda turn right when you see sign Promajna. If you are coming from Dubrovnik, after 5 kilometers when you pass city of Makarska you'll see sign Promajna and than take left turn.

Gdje smo

Apartments Pavic are situated on south side of Promajna, coming from the direction Krvavica - Bratuš.
GPS: 43° 19´ 56.12" N - 16° 58´ 24.55"E

Note: First bigger city from Promajna is Makarska, only 5 kilometer away. In Makarska you can find everything, medical care, buss station, ferry, pharmacy, police station, gas station, Mountain Rescue Service, supermarkets, bakery, night clubs, disco, and other services.

From Promajna to bigger cities in Croatia From Promajna to bigger cities in Europe
  Makarska 5 km Mostar 125 km
  Split 55 km   Sarajevo 265 km
  Dubrovnik 150 km   Budapest 800 km
  Zadar 215 km   Wien 805 km
  Zagreb 425 km   Milano 951 km
  Rijeka 460 km   Munchen 991 km
        Praha 1080 km

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